Anadec Solutions Ltd. provides consulting services to commercial real estate companies for the implementation, integration and productive use of DYNA / BUDGET and other real estate financial analysis software solutions. Anadec consultants have assisted dozens of leading real estate companies more fully realize the potential of their software.

Anadec is a Preferred Business Partner in several Realm applications including DYNA/BUDGET and ARGUS. Anadec has recently started offering CTI services with the expansion of our consulting te am.

Our experience with DYNA dates from 1990. We have worked with BUDGET since its beta testing in 2000. We worked with BUDGET on its first installations in Australia and in Canada . We also worked on the earliest major implementation in the U.S. We continue to work with early adopters and on subsequent implementations.

We have offered our advice through participation in the Dyna Advisory board since its inception, and have enjoyed good working relationships with the developers and owners of DYNA continually from the early 1990’s to date.

“Improving analysis, for better decisions,
with custom solutions”


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