About Anadec

Anadec Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2001 to bring together a group of independent consultants who had previously worked together on Dyna implementations. Our senior consultants , and have amassed four over five decades of experience consulting in financial analysis and real estate software. The skills our consultants developed as individuals have grown as we have worked as a group.

From ProJect+ and Dynamis in 1990 to DYNA/BUDGET and , ARGUS and CTI in today our team has used the industry standards (and a few others along the way) to develop a deep, experienced skill set. Working as a team, we leverage on each others’ skills to provide practical solutions in a time efficient manner.

Our focus is to maximize client value by integrat ion of budgeting, forecasting, cash planning, asset management, valuations and appraisal review processes into one unified process Integration of these tasks with the property management data used to drive them offers benefits through improved quality, timeliness, accuracy and consistency of data.

We deliver experience and integrity in both our people and our philosophy.

“Our experience allows clients to avoid subtle and not so subtle pitfalls and lay the foundation for their continued growth”


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